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A Home to Practice

At Casa Ananda Yoga Ashram we offer various styles of practice, always safe and professional.

Find out what type of class is right for you.


Dynamism, movement, synchronized breathing, postures that flow from one to another in sequences that explore the vast possibilities of the body in action.The combinations of infinite possibilities of the body and the time in which we find ourselves breathing are part of the Vinyasa experience.It is a more physically demanding practice but always accessible to all who wish to explore it. Challenge, strength and intense body work in each practice.


Gentleness, depth, tasting the techniques in a calm way in search of inner peace and physical well-being.

HATHA is a generalized term to define the practices of postures, breaths and actions that promote balance in a soft and deep way.


The Natural style is the proposal of Tich Fernando M. Tavares in which he combines the traditional Yoga of northern India with seasonal therapy, where the way of working the body and mind varies according to the season of the year and its qualities. Each season has a specific impact on certain organs. In this proposal he also synthesizes his vision and knowledge about Yoga as a method to return to the Natural which is health and wellness. It is a gentle method accessible to all levels of practice.


Special sessions for mothers-to-be, professionally guided through one of life’s most important experiences.
Knowledge is shared in these classes to improve sleep, increase strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, decrease back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath.
It also gives you the opportunity to make contact with the being that develops within.


The cultivation of vital energy and the movement of this energy to the organs and functions in the body, is the main objective of these practices of ancestral origin, this provides vitality, health and therefore a full life. This class is suitable for everyone regardless of age or experience, all are welcome. It is a kind practice that can be a great tool for life. Taught masterfully by Tich Fernando M. Tavares who has cultivated this teaching in a pure and parallel way to all the other teachings he shares.