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Natural Yoga

He has soaked in the waters of various sources of Yoga: Classical, Solar, Iyengar, Kundalini, Sivananda, Astha Shandhi. He is also a master of the disciplines of Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Chien, Qi Kung and Kikodo. His journey on the path led him to study Mahayana Buddhism, ceremonial magic and the Toltec Mayan warrior path. The Rei Ki, the Universal Energy and the traditional Japanese medicine Shin Ki. A teacher with great experience in teaching and a serious exploration of different philosophies and paths that have led him to generate his own synthesis and understanding of the spiritual path. His approach to different philosophies, paths and lineages give him a unique ability to make understandable deep concepts that open our understanding.


Vinyasa Yoga

Happy and honored to convene the community, Amorhania is the initiator of the Ananda Yoga from the Heart project. He has dedicated his life to teaching and practicing yoga. He shares the vision of a world where Yoga can be the key to support individuals to remember their conscious essence and their planetary mission, and thereby generate a life in fullness. He emphasizes his teaching in the vinyasa style that guides in a fluid and organic way, with nuances of play, challenge, strength and beauty, generating a space of self-exploration and great awareness.

“In each class we open the portal of the Self: conscious, infinite and perfect… This connection is Yoga, an experience of your wholeness.”


Vinyasa Yoga

Ivan trains with Yoga from the heart of Casa Ananda. A dedicated practitioner who has brought about a profound transformation in himself. He is a versatile master who plays with possibilities and forms, offering a powerful practice that demands strength and endurance as well as beauty and plasticity. His class sustains the essence he received from his teachers and shares it as a way of thanking them for all their teachings.
The class is a feast for the soul where you receive great benefits: increased body resistance, flexibility and coordination; increased self-esteem, stress reduction, internalization and self-knowledge. “Magic happens when you open yourself to the experience of Yoga from the heart and embark on the path to your inner self.”


Hatha and Kaula Yoga

Practice is a path of learning that, when shared, expands in benefits for all beings. Cultivating this path is the most precious treasure.
For Mara, the class is the perfect time for the exploration of our bodies, inspired by the elements and natural times. It is a soft and deep class whose intention is always in the heart.


Hatha Yoga

Paty has a background of many years starting with Ashtanga Vinyasa and over the years leading her to explore vinyasa and finally pure hatha. His motivation for sharing Yoga is the well-being it generates, the harmonious relationship between a healthy body, a happy heart and a peaceful mind. His class brilliantly structures the fundamentals of the practice of opposites in balance generating a state of equanimity and contentment, in a timeless space of stillness and calm.


Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga gave me back my confidence… from there, a journey of self-observation began, cultivating patience, love and acceptance to all the processes of my life, through constant practice.

Yoga came into my life after a hip injury and has been my best medicine. Within my practice, I have come to find deep spaces that have allowed me to observe new things and to experience moments of lightness, peace and contentment.

Inhabiting the body through conscious breathing, we explore different forms of the physical body, allowing us to feel wellness and harmony through self-observation.


Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga

Yoga is the art of finding balance in the dance of duality; we nurture with our light and learn from our shadows. In this dance we find fulfillment and inner peace.


Yoga Prenata

For Yari it is a wonderful experience to be able to be present in the process of a mother waiting to give birth. She is trained as a prenatal yoga teacher at the Ananda Yoga from the Heart School and shares with deep dedication the teaching she received from her beloved teachers.
It offers a loving practice focused on postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation that are adapted to the specific needs of pregnant women.
Prenatal Yoga cultivates an experience of deep union, generating optimal health of the body and mind, unifying the physical, mental and spiritual development of the mother with the development of her baby.


Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is union with the creative principle, remembering what is true. It is the living experience of the present moment, here and now, paying homage to life in every act…

Yoga is a useful tool to grow in consciousness and love…

For me, sharing, Yoga is the great learning that comes from the intention of service to others. I feel an immense joy to share the teachings that were transmitted to me with such beauty and devotion by my teachers. Thanks to the masters of all times.


Vinyasa Yoga

I practiced yoga for more than four years with a sports exercise approach. However, it was until I trained as a yoga teacher at Casa Ānanda at the YTC that I discovered that yoga is a discipline of love in which the geometry of the postures leads us to heal and empower the body to the fullest. With meditation, it is possible to feel the essence that lives in the human body and discover that we are much more than a physical body. That inspires me to become a teacher and to lead others to this magnificent discovery.


Vinyasa Yoga

Free, rebellious, passionate about nature, color, music, movement and silence, that’s where I found the medicine, the cure for my body and soul. I like my practice to be deep and profound, to go to spaces where we almost never go, that is my mission, there is the joy, the liberation of the Self, to play with the imagination and to continue having fun through body exploration, basic. I love Yoga because I love life. Through the practice I have found mental acuity, body control and strength, structure in my personal life and an enormous spiritual growth, expansive, absolute freedom, pure love. To connect, to know the body that habit and mind is now a real pleasure, to know that through my experience I can guide and help others in their journey of growth and self-knowledge is pure bliss and true joy. I decided to take this path of teaching and mastery, because it is not only about learning, but also about sharing and now “sharing” has become an absolute necessity and I live it with a lot of passion and dedication. After everything I have already been through, this is where I took a pause and life regained meaning and direction.

And now, Yoga…


Yoga Kids

In the search for my inner peace I found the path of yoga, which is a wonderful discipline that provides stability, clarity, awakens our self-love and gives us balance by recognizing the higher self that dwells within us, in my particular case I am passionate about teaching children, as they have their essence very present, they are free and loving. Through yoga they can maintain that essence, and understand that they are unique and very valuable. I am very interested in sharing yoga from the heart as my teachers taught me and to keep this flame alive through time for many generations to come.